Guitar Shops in Singapore

If you’re interested in learning to play the guitar, you can head to one of the many music stores in Singapore. Here, you’ll find a wide range of instruments and other accessories that can help you learn to play your instrument. You can even find some lessons or workshops in these stores. There are also many other options if you don’t have time to take lessons. You can also purchase a guitar online, from online retailers.

City Music

The City Music guitar shop in Singapore is a place where you can get started on the road to playing your favourite instrument. Originally, the company specialized in acoustic pianos, but as music and audio technology developed, the company expanded to include a broader range of equipment and services. Now, the store is a great place to learn how to play the guitar or get your first guitar. The staff are friendly and helpful, and you can play the instrument right away.

You can get started with the basics by checking out the extensive selection of acoustic and electric guitars available. If you’re serious about learning to play the guitar, you can try out one of the many amplifiers available in the store. The Vox Mini3 Guitar Amplifier is a great example. It delivers eleven different realistic amp models to help you fine-tune your guitar’s tone. City Music Singapore is offering 10% off Vox amplifiers at the moment. Besides guitars, the shop offers acoustic and electric instruments, amplifiers, and digital drums. Check out the top musical instrument shops in Singapore from here.

Davis Guitar

In 1989, the Davis Guitar shop opened its doors in Singapore, specializing in all types of guitars, basses, microphones, and more. Today, they are a leading distributor of musical instruments and production services. Their commitment to quality and service is evident throughout their extensive inventory. City Music is another great location to check out if you’re looking for the perfect acoustic guitar. They also stock other types of instruments such as percussion instruments and recorders.

The Davis Guitar shop carries many types of guitars, including acoustic and electric models. Not only does this store carry guitars, but it also sells parts for your instruments. If you’re new to playing guitar, check out the store’s selection of basses, guitar straps, and more. The knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you get started on your new instrument! The store also carries a wide range of accessories and recording gear, which can help you take your new instrument home with you.

Heirlooms Music

If you’re looking for the best prices and the friendliest service, look no further than Heirlooms Music in Singapore. The store features an extensive selection of new and preowned guitars, including boutique and vintage models. It also has luthiers who can service your instruments, and offers guitar lessons and repairs. There is something for everyone at Heirlooms, including beginners, experienced guitarists, and people just starting out.

This shop is home to a wide selection of instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars. Owner Francis Poh carefully sources his instruments and sets them up for optimal playing enjoyment. The company’s headquarters, located in Singapore, serves as its hub for instruments, preparing and documenting them before shipping. In addition to selling musical instruments, Heirlooms also sells pro-audio equipment and customised audio and video solutions.


The MusicArk guitar shop in Singapore offers a wide selection of top quality instruments. They carry brand names including Chapman, Maton, Cole Clark, Duesenberg, and more. The store also offers a wide selection of accessories, such as acoustic and electric guitar strings, amps, and ukuleles. The store has a web presence, and offers guitars and other instruments for sale and rental.

The store is 5,000 sq ft and sells various musical instruments, DJ gear, and other musical equipment. In addition, you can get VIP treatment and consult a professional on a limited edition guitar. This store also offers five teaching rooms and a fashion and music boutique. For a memorable shopping experience, check out the store’s boutique and upscale interiors. The MusicArk guitar shop in Singapore has a large selection of premium brands, and is open seven days a week.

Luther Music

If you’re looking for a great guitar shop in Singapore, check out Luther Music. This specialist shop has been in business since 1996 and is a great place to buy quality gear at affordable prices. They’re an independent retailer that represents over 100 of the leading musical instrument and professional audio brands. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new guitar or a used one, you’ll find it at Luther Music.

With over 100 brands to choose from, Luther Music is the go-to place for musicians in Singapore looking for high-quality gear at affordable prices. Founded in 1996, the shop prides itself on being a specialist retailer. The brand offers a range of different guitars, keyboards, drums, pro audio, and piano instruments. Those who want to learn the guitar or improve their playing skills can visit the store and get expert advice from qualified staff.

Yudis Guitar

The official distributor of Martin Guitars, the Yudis Guitar shop in Singapore is a must-visit for those looking to buy a new or used guitar. Not only does it sell the latest models of Martin guitars, but it is also home to a huge range of other instruments and accessories, such as amps and percussion instruments. Located at the central business district, the shop is well-positioned to serve the local and expatriate music scene.