How To Find The Best Residences In Singapore

Singapore offers a host of the best residences in Singapore. Whether you are planning to live here full-time or on a vacation, there are so many options to consider. You can choose a condominium unit, apartment, villa, or even a house for sale. What’s best about choosing among these options is that they all offer good amenities and good lifestyles. Below is a list of some of the best residences in Singapore, you might consider.

Singapore Government Housing

Yean Ei Young Residence

Yean Ei Young is one of the best residences in Singapore with an ideal mix of entertainment and dining opportunities. The complex is very close to Sentosa and is also near the golf course. It is actually a very small community that is well-kept and safe for residents. You will enjoy staying here with its proximity to many fun-themed restaurants and the clubbing spots located nearby. Residents are treated to great amenities and the best lifestyles as well.

Leichter’s Cayman Residence

If you want to have a great work-life balance and be able to enjoy life to the fullest, then Leichter’s Cayman is the right place for you. This luxurious residence has been designed to give residents a luxurious lifestyle while at the same time allowing them to be surrounded by the beauty of the sea. You will get to dine at high-class restaurants, swim with dolphins, and engage in some fun activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Leichter’s Cayman is conveniently located next to major attractions in and around Singapore.

Orchard Road Residence

If you are looking for the best residences in Singapore with amazing views, then Orchard Road is the place for you. This community has many high-rise buildings and residential areas that have been built in the past decades. There are also many great restaurants, boutiques, and clubs to enjoy your lifestyle. Many residents chose this area because of the amazing views, convenient location, and great lifestyle opportunities.

Juma Mosque is another favorite for residents. It is located in the middle of the city and offers residents a nice view of the nearby Sentosa Island. The architecture is based on the Islamic Heritage style, which was created by the Berber people who were in charge of the construction of the country’s first mausoleum. You will also find a temple dedicated to the holy Gautama Buddha here.

If you love eating out in nice restaurants, then you should check out the Raffles Hotel Singapore. Raffles is considered to be the best residency in Singapore if you love eating out in fine dining restaurants. It is also the most popular tourist spot in town. There are many different dining options in the Raffles Hotel, from Vietnamese cuisines to Western delights. You can also enjoy the famous Singaporean cuisine at nearby street stalls.

If you are more of a homebody, then you can settle in any of the luxury residential communities in Singapore like the ones located in Riverside and Northbridge. These areas are conveniently close to major public and private transportation as well as bus stations. The residents here live a relatively carefree and relaxed lifestyle. They have all the facilities they require to lead a good life. The best residences in Singapore are available here.